The journey begins

Annie and I recently decided it would be a fun journey to attempt to visit all 92 counties in the state of Indiana.  And by this, I mean do something fun/meaningful in each one – not just pass through, but actually enjoy some attraction or benefit of the particular area.

And thus our adventure was born.  Here are the ground rules:

  • We’re starting from scratch, as of 05/08/2011. Nothing previously visited or done within the state counts.
  • In order for the trip to count, all 4 of us must go.  Others may go as well, but the trip must include at least include our whole family.
  • There’s no set timeline or guide for how long this will take.  But we’ll endeavor to visit a new place as often as possible, to keep the travel fresh.
  • We’ll probably think of more as we go.


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