Owen County: McCormick’s Creek State Park

The kids have really started to enjoy hiking so we decided to venture over to McCormick’s Creek State Park.

After consulting the map, we decided upon Trail 10/Trail 7 but first we headed over to the playground for a quick picnic lunch.  A quick walk to the Nature Center was in order, since we were close.  After checking out the animals and a quick picture we were off to hike.


It’s important to note that Trail 10 crosses over the actual McCormick’s Creek a few times; it’s also important to note that there are no bridges, something I overlooked when making the final decision on trails.  Fortunately, Isaac and Zoe loved taking their shoes off to cross the river.  Caleb and I were able to make the trek with our shoes on and we both managed to come out of it with dry feet.  The map indicates the need to cross the creek 4 times and there was only one time that crossing was a bit of a challenge (especially carrying a 3 year old).IMG_0276


All in all, I highly recommend the Trail 10/Trail 7 combination it was a great length for Isaac and had plenty to keep the kids interested.


Before we headed out of the park, we made a quick stop at McCormick’s Creek Falls.  It was a warm day so the falls were bustling with kids trying to keep cool.




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