Clark County: Charlestown State Park

Another long holiday weekend, another hiking trip.  After some deliberation, we decided to try out Charlestown State Park.

In retrospect, going hiking the morning after the kids were up late watching the fireworks was not the best idea but the Fourth of July weekend forecast dictated that we go on Saturday morning.


Crossing Fourteenmile Creek

Charlestown State Park has some interesting history behind it.  On the Rose Island Loop Trail, you have a chance to explore some of that history.


Caleb and Isaac listen to some of the history of Rose Island

Zoe insisted in learning about Rose Island via Mom's back

Zoe insisted in learning about Rose Island via Mom’s back

The Portersville Bridge was recently relocated from Dubious County/Davies County.  IMG_5198

The only downside to the Rose Island Loop Trail is you have to hike a portion of Trail 3 to get there and the portion you have to hike is definitely rugged, as the description says.


Neither of the kids hiked very much of the uphill

Even though there was a steep uphill climb on the way back to the car, it was worth all of the hard work.

The kids even managed to have enough energy to play on the playground for a bit after we finished hiking.


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